Personal Cloud For Home & SME Business.


Nextcloud Box

The Nextcloud Box comes preinstalled with Nextcloud, running on debian Core (mostly based on the new super-secure, remotely upgradeable Linux app packages known as snaps) as the OS.

The box consists of a 1 TB USB3 hard drive from WD

A Nextcloud case with room for the drive and a compute board, a microUSB charger, cables and adapters, a screw driver and screws.

Nextcloud Home/SME Server

Get your own self-hosted cloud server!

The Nextcloud Home/SME Server is a Nextcloud server pre-configured with Nextcloud and ready to boot once delivered. Just as the Nextcloud VM it includes easy to setup apps like Collabora, OnlyOffice, Talk and more.

Updates are managed with a easy-to-run update script which updates the whole server in just one single command. The server is based on a powerful Intel 64-bit CPU (8:th-gen), 128 GB M2 SSD + 2 TB HDD, and 16 GB RAM.

The Nextcloud Home/SME server is made by the team behind the Nextcloud VM, and aims to be the easiest way to setup your own cloud – now available as a bare-bone server!

Community Edition.



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